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Sanguine Expectations: A New Outlook

August 22, 2011

By: Chris Gowell

Since my last posting, ‘pushing water with fishing nets’ it would appear I lost my fishing net thus my apparent words of optimism were in-fact utterances of grandeur; the trials were a disaster. A reoccurrence of poor form throughout the year left me with an inevitable performance; simply, I felt terrible. Bewildering still, my subsequent blood tests were all ‘normal’. I proclaim that normal is a relative term.

Moving onwards and upwards with a new theme of optimism, I have decided to abandon the season and start the off season prematurely with the reasoning that next year is an important year. Furthermore, it meant I could take a week off and eat copious volumes of food and play several rounds of golf. I never thought that swapping Cornish pasties and fish and chips for runs could be so satisfying. Unfortunately, the two are not harmonious, although open to debate. Is it not possible to be addicted to all normal pleasures without being their slave?

My week off went by all to quickly and I’m now back to running. I must admit the first few runs were tough and motivation had abandoned me. I contest that such challenging times are to be taken as valuable experiences, because the good times are easy and trudging through the daunting bad periods are what chisels an athletes will and character. The higher you jump for joy the ground will meet you a little harder (or so I read in some tripe philosophical quote somewhere in vain search of inspiration), I figure knowing such an obvious reality, I can stay grounded.

I’m super eager to get back to Austin to be with the team as now I realize how valuable a team in a family environment is. To put it this way: 5 miles on my own here is far harder than 20 miles with the team on a sweltering Sunday morning in Texas. Hopefully my Visa gets squared away soon and I can return to get down to serious business and launch a successful campaign.

I’m very confident this new program will kick in next year and that I’m in safe hands.


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