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Shwmae! by Chris Gowell

July 8, 2012

Wildly disappointing Olympic trials. In a sentence, it was a culmination of biblically piss poor performances that isn’t even worthy of the excrement from a morning ablution. In fact, id go as far as saying that, that excrement is positively lofty compared to my performances. I felt absolutely hideous, which is criminal to come to the Olympic trials not feeling your best. I’m not going into the reasons why, because really, if you can’t attend the trials feeling nothing but ready, then you don’t deserve to be there. My only job, to which I’m fully supported to do by all of our great sponsors at Rogue, I failed to do.

Despite that, I’ve enjoyed my time at home, cooler weather, some good golf and a bit of surfing – running was – for a period – firmly in the back of my mind. For a week after the trials, my passion and desire dwindled to a mere flicker. But one morning, I got up and ran in the hills and it was most satisfying. I am going to try one more race this season next week to confirm to myself I’m not a complete invalid.

I come back to Texas on the 9th of August, to the furnace, to what will mark the start of an agonizing rebuilding process, both physically and mentally. I miss the Rogue family, the happy faces, the atmosphere, my friends.

Many thanks to the so many who have supported our team on our quest, sadly, it was not met with success but with rather childish results. But through failure, maybe it will act as motivation.


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