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The Journey

August 12, 2012

It’s funny when I think about the ups and downs of running.  At times it can be incredibly unforgiving.  Sometimes I feel like I am giving it so much love and getting nothing back.  I’ll picture myself beating my head against a wall when I’m putting the training in and the results aren’t coming and I physically feel miserable when I’m striving for mechanical fluidity.  But other times it makes me feel completely free, it elicits a passion for competition that’s hard to find elsewhere, and when I accomplish my goals I feel a deep sense of joy that is rarefied.

Honestly I feel like I am in a relationship with running and like any relationship you grow in it.  During my running journey I had an amazing college experience, I met my lifelong friends, it exposed the true measure of my health and forced me to change my lifestyle into a healthier one, it helped me find my passion in nutrition which I am making my career path, during my travels I saw more city and explored more in nature by going on runs, it was a catalyst to helping me figure out me, and so much more.

And when I think about the journey it helps me get through the tough times when I am mad at running, because when I think of all the experiences I’ve had I can’t stay mad at it for long.  For example, recently I’ve been getting back into shape and increasing my workload.  It’s going well, but every week I have to push out of my new comfort zone and add in more mileage, increase the number and length of workouts and it’s physically frustrating trying to earn back my pre-break level of fitness.  I get impatient and I want to fast forward through this part and get to the part where I’m building new fitness.  So I focus on the days when I feel awesome, the camaraderie of the team, getting involved with the running community, and working towards our goals and ultimately accomplishing our goals, basically I get myself excited about the journey!


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