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three months.

October 30, 2012

Today marks the end of my third month in Austin.  The last thirteen weeks have been a whirlwind of new friends, training, foods, and experiences.  I feel I am beginning to settle into a rhythm and a routine that is filled with solid training and happy people.  I couldn’t ask for more. Yet, moving away from California has made me realize how much I took for granted when I was relatively close to my family.


The mountain above my brothers farm.

My three brothers and one sister are spread out both in age and distance.  My oldest brother, Jocean, lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.   His wife and three kids run an organic farm and eco-resort south of Jakarta.  For his entire adult life he has traveled and inspired me to have new experience and expand my horizons.  I would not be here training in Austin if it weren’t for him.  Having an older sibling that was bold enough to follow his dreams and move to the other side of the planet gave me the confidence I needed to move half way across the country and dedicate my life to professional running.  Having a sibling live so far away also prepared me for what it would be like to not live within driving distance of the life I was apart of for the first 18 years of my life. 


My siblings and I.

I knew as I packed up my belongings and made the 26-hour drive across the I-10 that with every mile I went east I was missing out on a birthday party, a family dinner, or one of my little brother’s track meets.  Over the last three months I have had dozens of moments where I found myself wishing for teleportation or affordable jet setting.  Yet, somehow when I get on the phone with my family and friends I find myself with nothing but support for my running endeavors in Austin.  As I reflect back on the last three months I feel nothing other than happiness and good fortune.  Not only am I lucky enough to have the opportunity to pursue my dreams and run with Rogue but also, I am also lucky enough to have people thousands of miles away that support me in my endeavors.






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