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Blog, by Chris gowell

December 23, 2012

Blog time! A blog that carries extra weight since its Christmas and the festive spirit looms large. For me, Christmas is usually associated with cold crisp mornings frequently catching myself trying to make shapes from exhaling air as it mingles with the atmosphere. Like some over exaggerated moment of grand expectation, only to disappear in time for the next futile attempt.

For the 2nd time, I will not be making shapes with my breath because this will be another Christmas away from home, time of year that I absolutely hate being away from home. Strange it is, being in a warm place for Christmas. Other than the date, (aside from the Mayan point of view) there is nothing to tell me it is Christmas. The grass is dead, the leaves are yet to fall – nor will they – I sweat my tits of during runs, and I can see sunlight.

However, I am extremely thankful to be in Austin, running professionally, among great people. For example, I was fortunate to run with Erik Stanley this morning; a past miler team mate and now ultra-trail guru, and Leo Manzano, who needs no further explaining. It still amazes me how much of a ‘leveler’ sport can. I can run with two great runners who train for opposite distances and yet we trot along with one goal, to put one leg in front of the other. Our abilities, backgrounds, income and points of view are insignificant. At that moment in time, we were running.

After a mild injury that resulted in 3 weeks off, I’m taking each day as it comes and enjoying each and every step of running. Who knows when this will end and who am I to take it for granted. What lies around the corner is unknown.

As long as im running, I plan for a mini indoor season to get my juices flowing. I’ve always PR’d in the summer from running indoors and im excited to race again. After all, that’s what I train for. It can be easy to find comfort in getting ready for the race after next, the summer after next, the next Olympics when all the while the opportunity may be the one you’re about to race.


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