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Growing Young

January 1, 2013

A great man once wrote a blog about all the hardships of running competitively at the age of 27. The man of whom I speak is Christopher Gowell and the blog (Ailments by Chris Gowell) is just over a month old (November 28th if you care to hunt it down). I’m happy to say that, at the ripe ol’ age of 23, my ailments are nearly nonexistent, and reading Chris’ blog made me want to brag about just how fantastic I’ve been feeling lately, if for no other reason than to rub salt into Chris’ wounds. So here are a few updates on life, running, and other things.
• Despite spending the better part of the last month sleeping on a couch that stretches just long enough to fit a normal human being, but about a foot too short for me, I’m feeling pretty swell. The couch, nestled comfortably within the paper thin walls of Scotty’s and Chris’ house just North of Austin’s Mason Dixie line (Koenig), has become a refuge, of sorts while I wait to move into my new house.
• I typically go to bed between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am, on the dot, and I usually can’t even tell the difference the next day.
• Every morning at 6 o’clock sharp I’m brought prematurely out of my slumber by the bone grinding sounds of the MacPherson/Gowell coffee maker, before going back to sleep until Scotty brings me a cup. Rather than getting upset, it just serves as a happy reminder that I still have 30 more minutes to sleep.
• I take my coffee strong and black, as all men should.
• Like many other large beings it takes me a little while to get the engines churning, but once they get going it’s tough to shut them off, or up as some people have probably noted.
• Several days ago I spent a good 7 minutes tying my shoes while Scotty stood over me looking on in disbelief, but the rest of the day was extremely productive.
• Club Nationals was very disappointing, but it was entirely a tactical mistake on my part and my fitness is better than it ever has been.
• At times I feel like I’m a freshman in college as I try to get used to this new lifestyle, but everything is slowly coming around. It doesn’t help that all of my teammates are going through their mid [running] life crises.
• I ran a hard 18 miles on Saturday with Andrew while the two of us only had a combined 5 hours of sleep.
• I spent an entire week running watchless and it was probably the most refreshing thing that I have ever done.
• After 9 years of running the same trails and neighborhoods in Round Rock I found a new set of trails less than 2 miles from my parents’ house.
• I took Chris and Scott running on these trails and was amazed that Chris had the lung capacity to complain the whole way through. To be fair, he is an old and broken man.
• I’m not making any New Year’s running resolutions this year.
• It’s just a theory, but I could be developing superhuman vision. More to come at a later date once this has been confirmed.
• I held my breath for 2 minutes the other day, so perhaps a career in spear fishing is looming.

All in all it has been a lovely fall and winter up to this point. The world didn’t end and it’s finally a new year. Hopefully I will really start settling in and hitting a groove before too long. Things are looking up, even if they shouldn’t be, and I’m excited to get started with track. I won’t be young forever, but for now I can still be invincible. I would love to write more, but I’m feeling hungrier than I am creative, and if you know me my choice is pretty obvious. Happy New Year.


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