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Abundance, by Chris Gowell

February 25, 2013

Nicole’s previous blog aptly sums up where most of my (and the teams) energy has been the last few months, and what an amazing experience coaching marathon high was. It has put many things into perspective for me. Moreover, the insignificance of my own plight in this world. It was such a pleasure to shift my energy away from me into something good.

I have enjoyed this experience so much that I haven’t thought one bit about my own running, or career, or success, until I crossed the line in the mile with a 3.57. This goes to show, for myself at least, that hyper focusing energy on oneself can lead to stress. I run no matter what, I complete each rep and do everything I need to. Whether I think about it or not, it makes no difference to that fact that I’m doing it to the edge of my limitations, and shall continue to do so. The physical benefits take care of themselves, I enjoy running when running, but as soon as I’m done running, if I can avoid thinking about it until the next time I run, then the day has been a wild success.

ImageThis is why focusing my energy on a better cause has helped my own.

On a side note, I have had a mini focus on indoors for a while, but after a 4 week hiatus earlier this year, I’m shocked to have run so fast. This would not have been possible without the help of Dr Z and his awesome staff at Advanced Rehabilitation. He fixed my leg when I couldn’t even walk. I’d also like to thank Doug Consiglio for his ‘wise beyond his years’ insights and mega sports massage. He has been a great mentor for me, despite constant reminders of his 200 meter flat track 1000 and mile times. I’m coming after you! I could go on to mention all our other sponsors, such as Adidas and our Coaches Steve and Jeff and the gel that holds us together, Ruth. All this goes without saying, but I don’t want this to sound like a boring acceptance speech. But thank-you. You know we appreciate you.

Anyway, March is always a transition time into the season.  A time that has previously caused the wobbling of knees, dissecting every ounce of myself to determine what sort of shape I’m in, nip picking at my diet, clocking miles to the Nth degree and hamster wheeling the shit out of my runs. I’ve even gone as extreme as abstaining from most things I consider fun. However, this march shall see a different transition.

I’m getting married in March! I’m not yet sure who she is because the bride I sent money to in Eastern Europe is being flaky. Her profile looked good online! That being said, I’m planning on 23rd March. My family will be here, which will be an event in itself. Wales is going to be represented in some weird way. We tend to miss our sheep.

In all seriousness and joking aaside, I shall continue to train within myself, hard but smart. Eat well, but in reckless abundance. Texas relays is the next stop. I’m particularly looking forward to this meet due to its local appeal. I shall be racing the 800 on Thursday 27th March and a mile on Saturday 30th.

Let the games begin


Chris Gowell is a 3 Time All-American from Baylor University. In 2010 he represented his home country of Wales in the Commonwealth Games in India. He runs the mile in 3 minutes and 57 seconds.


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