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Shaking off the Cobwebs

March 29, 2013

The outdoor track season is here believe it or not. Rouge AC is off to their first adventure at Texas Relays and Stanford Invite. The majority of our distance events took place this Thursday, and the mile and 1500 will take place tomorrow. The girls at Stanford will be racing tonight.

As the season begins and progresses on, each runner will have their highs and their lows. Yes, professional athletes have their lows, which is something I was faced with this week as I dusted off the cobwebs in my first steeple of the year.

Coming out of the gates a little rusty is something I have become very familiar with. Through my short history of racing I have had many tough season openers that may not show my true fitness. It is times like these you begin to doubt yourself, but it didn’t take me long to realize the answer. MY TEAM…


After my race it didn’t take long for my team to give their support even if they knew I would not be in a supportive kind of mood. They turned my less than impressive start into a “starting point”, “the first one under your belt”, and a “well, there is nowhere but up from here”. Even in my passionate frustration they managed to put a smile on my face, after a few moments of kicking a tree alone behind the track. Looking back 24 hours later I do feel bad for that tree.

Another little piece that I guess makes a difference to the team is our glue. That would be our coach Steve. You all know him and all love him, but I was not so sure he was going to still love me after my opener. With fury in my eyes, bones, and mind the one thing that I took from our conversation, before I got the chance to kick a tree, was “I am not giving up.” That is all I needed to know after I let my heart rate come back down. He was not giving up on this season or on me. I just needed to shake off the cobwebs.

I am going to lean on my team and hope they do on me. There are still 3 long months and many tracks to conquer before I cash in all my hard work at USA’s. That means many more ups and downs, inspirational talks, and time to work.

ImageMost important lesson learned form this kick off track meet is: don’t kick a tree if you’re doubling. 


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