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Allison Macsas




University of Tampa (2005)

Personal bests

5000m- 16:54, 6K XC- 21:09; 10K road- 34:52; 15K road – 54:08; Half marathon- 1:15:30; Marathon – 2:40:47




Career highlights

3-time NCAA DII All-American; 2-time ESPN Academic All-American; 3-time Sunshine State Conference Champion; 3 University of Tampa School Records; 2nd place at 2010 San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon; 1st place at 2011 Capitol 10000; 2nd place at 2011 Vancouver Marathon; 2012 US Marathon Olympic Trials qualifier; 45th place at 2012 Marathon Olympic Trials

Personal information

Why TeamROGUE? I work for Rogue, I coach for Rogue and was given this amazing opportunity by Rogue – I can’t think of any organization I’d rather be a part of, and am so excited to have a second chance at competitive running and to be a part of something so unique in Austin. There was no question.

Favorite running work-out? The long run – if it’s over 20 miles, it makes my day! Otherwise, I have a strange preference for tempo hill repeats on Scenic Dr.

Your go-to, pre-race meal? Grilled salmon the night before is a must

Your favorite post-run recovery food? Nothing beats pad kaprow – a super-spicy Thai dish meaning “stir fried basil”, served with rice and a fried egg on top. The perfect carb/protein combination!

What athlete (past or present) most inspires your running? Why? All of the people that I coach. They are constantly progressing and achieving, and it keeps me excited! They also remind me that running should first and foremost be fun.

Hobbies/interests outside of running? Travel! Especially in developing countries. I like projects – I spend inordinate amounts of time cooking (has to be from scratch), taking pictures, growing plants. Anything I can create with my own two hands (it gives my legs a break!)

Dream job for after your running career? I have something of a dream job with Rogue at the moment! Beyond that, I can’t imagine anything better than a travel photographer. Or travel writer. Or taking over Anthony Bourdain’s job…I could do that.

Favorite Austin restaurant? If trailers count as restaurants, then I’ve got three: Kebabalicious, Flip Happy Crepes and G’Raj Mahal. All three are worth every second you spend waiting in line!

French toast, pancakes or waffles? Pancakes, soaked in something sugary!

Favorite breakfast taco ingredients? Eggs, black beans and the spiciest salsa I can find

Favorite movie? I’m more of a book person, but I never say no to anything shown at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Favorite TV show? I haven’t had TV in awhile, but I’d be addicted to The Office if I did.

Favorite band/musical artist? Right now… Citizen Cope

Do you have a pet? What kind? No pets! Maybe someday…maybe.

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